Forming variety and automatic bending for hydraulics

  • Hydraulic piping, Connections, Manufacturing of hose end fittings
  • Special bending machines for fittings
  • Assembly systems for sleeves, nuts and O-rings
  • Component marking and control systems
  • All common connection systems on the market can be processed


The increasingly strong digital connection for pipe machining processes is a significant driver of technical progress in the industry. Especially for hydraulics, this calls for solutions that ensure safe and, depending on the requirements, automated processes in tube machining. 


To ensure that pipes are clean, robust and durable over the long term, you need to be familiar with the wide range of hydraulic connection systems. We give you the security for the products and their economical production


Powerful pipe shaping and bending technology
create safe mobile hydraulics

The extreme demands imposed on construction vehicles require them to have precision-fit pipework and reliable joints and connections on their hydraulic drives, which tackle of lot of very heavy work. Specifically designed to meet these challenges, we have developed our compact CNC pipe-bending machines.

ORFS forming with the t form URM

Another type of machine used for ORFS tube assemblies is the rotary flaring machine. This machine uses a rotating mandrel to shape the end of the tube into a flare. It provides a consistent and precise flare angle, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.


Production cell for ORFS forming on both sides of straight tubes 

Endforming cell DKOL connection

DKOL tube assemblies are commonly used in hydraulic systems and other high-pressure applications, and they require precision flaring and flanging to ensure a secure and leak-free connection. Orbital flaring and flanging machines are essential for this process.


Forming cell DKOL connection, consisting of an axial and rolling tube end machining. 

Production cell for hydraulic lines

Flexible production concepts, from single pieces to series, and manufacturing of the connections can be easily realized with the transfluid machines.


For larger-scale production, automated machines are the preferred choice. These machines are computer-controlled and can handle a wide range of tube sizes and materials. They can also perform multiple operations, including cutting, bending, and end-forming. Automated machines provide precise and repeatable results, making them ideal for high-volume production.

t form bending machines for maximum flexibility:
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The type UMR tube forming machine and its special tumble method and contoured flaring mandrels guarantee high quality as standard. It produces perfect and mirror-like sealing surfaces when forming tubes up to a diameter of 325 mm.


Many forming options with one type of machine: forming, cutting, cutting after bending and threading. Our Type SRM forming machines are ideally suited for the production of challenging contours for sealing elements and for the generation of extremely good surfaces.


Accurate forming with fast tool change. Our type REB axial t form forming machines, with their compression power of up to 1,300 kN are particularly well-suited to effortlessly master complex geometries. With up to 6 forming steps in combination with an additional clamping unit they will satisfy almost all requirements.