Mandrel bending & tube endforming machines
Best solutions for the automotive sector

  • Injection tubing
  • Brake tubing
  • Air conditioning
  • E-mobility (Power rails, battery cooling)
  • Exhaust systems

Automotive technology - solving complex problems more easily

Sophisticated and precisely machined tubes for the numerous functional areas of a vehicle, such as brakes, air conditioning, exhaust system and steering, help you to optimally meet the high demands placed on your product. 

transfluid offers client-specific solutions in the automotive industry, together with comprehensive expertise for all areas in this sector. Completely new challenges lie ahead with future technologies, such as fuel cells in electromobility.

Individual ideas, appropriate short part concepts

One particularly interesting aspect of tube processing is, without a doubt, the wide spectrum of short parts. To this we are always happy to say: Everything that fits in a pocket. But as so often is the case, the challenge lies in the details and is usually also a question of perspective. 


Quality is extremely crucial when it comes to exhaust systems. Therefore exhaust systems are exclusively manufactured from premium stainless steel. The perfect job for transfluid® tube bending machines. Thin-walled pipes are bent at bending radii of 1.25xD with outstanding results.

The integrated forming unit uses the Expander-procedure to offer optimal solutions for the flaring, reducing or test cutting of slots. Additionally, the exhaust pipe ends can be cut off, rolled in oval, angular, straight or curled to special shapes according to customers’ requests.


Axial and rotary endforming of small tube diameters

Bending and forming of fuel lines.

In the automotive industry, competitive pressure and reliability are the challenges for high performance. This is why automotive suppliers need mechanical engineering solutions that optimally meet the increasing demands for efficiency in terms of control unit and handling. For the automated production of fuel line tubes in high-volume operations, we have years of experience from the development of versatile production cells. 


To fully exploit automation, transfluid offers so-called supercells. These can run production processes for several hours without personnel supervision. Bending, end machining, loading, end loading, punching and robot handling plus camera control, everything the customer wants and needs. 

production samples