Powerful pipe shaping and bending technology
create safe mobile hydraulics

The extreme demands imposed on construction vehicles require them to have precision-fit pipework and reliable joints and connections on their hydraulic drives, which tackle of lot of very heavy work. Specifically designed to meet these challenges, we have developed our compact CNC pipe-bending machines. One example is our DB 642 R/L-CNC mandrel-bending machine that can even bend tubes with thick walls efficiently. With our mobile Type UMR pipe-shaping machines we can produce highly complex shaping geometries and secure connection systems in the hydraulic area, such as 37° or 90° flanges for flat-sealing O-ring connections (e.g. ORFS).

'Smart' solution for flexible production processes

One-off production or volume production: the fully-automatic transfluid® mandrel-bending machine DB 642 R/L-CNC (for pipe diameters of 6 - 42 mm) can be linked up online to all CAD systems. The operator uses a freely programmable CNC touch-sensitive panel. The machine control unit processes 3D data directly and in virtually all formats.


Extremely short retooling times deliver fast and flexible production processes. Another bonus: these machines are capable of processing pipes, already shaped or 'formed' on both sides, as well as pipes on to which SAE collars have been welded, prior to the bending procedure. 

Versatile, efficient and mobile

With its simple and effective technology, our MB 642 mobile bending machine offers some great ways of bending pipework on the equipment or vehicle. This same system can be used to route hydraulic pipework efficiently and directly out on site.


Our mobile bending machine can also perform various other services. For example, it has a saw, an internal and external deburring unit, an assembly fixture for all standard connection systems (die rings and flange screw connections) as well as metal-cutting circular saws.

Secure connections with optimum sealing surfaces

To produce reliable connections in the hydraulic area, it is often necessary - not to mention most important - to produce 37°- and 90° flanges with short clamping lengths.


To accomplish this, our mobile Type UMR shaping/forming machines can produce flanges of up to 90° in just one operation, and with optimum sealing surfaces.