t form - combination machines 
In form, double strength.

Highly demanding forming geometries in one work sequence

t form - combination machines

combine the benefits of axial and rollforming

  • Up to 6 additional forming steps
  • Additional rollforming stations
  • Multiple forming possibilities
  • Short clamping length
  • Quality benefits thanks to just one clamping step
  • Complex forming geometries

Intelligently Recombined:

Axial and Rolling:

With the new generation of our combination machines, we have continued to develop the new diversity for forming pipes. Geometries that effectively replace high-cost and expensive turned parts can be formed directly at the pipe in pipe-end machining – for a final component of a single workpiece that is ready for use without elaborate soldering or welding.

Improved process freedom
Implementation of the combination can be specified by you or based directly on the forming geometry. This is usually done using up to 6 axial forming stages and at least one rolling unit. Trimming, as well as axial and rolling forming, may require two rolling stations.

Compact and universal
Simple trimming or deburring after forming at the pipe end are no demanding process-technical challenges. Accordingly, compact units are sensible for this. Therefore, all the axial forming machines and combination machines by transfluid® are equipped with one or several single-drive axes. They have a servo-electrical drive and can be used in each of the holders for the forming stages, making the system is very flexible and compact.

Apart from this, the equipment of our combination machine with electrical drives permits diverse processes and a particularly precise positioning of all forming tools.

transfluid® t form - combination machines

Intelligently Recombined: Axial and Rolling

Our type REB axial forming machines, with their compression power of up to 287,000 lbs, are particularly well-suited to effortlessly master complex geometries. With up to 6 forming steps in combination with an additional clamping unit, they will satisfy almost all requirements.


The operation is simple and intuitive with a touch panel. The sequence control makes each separate movement of the respective forming step user-friendly and fully programmable.

A strong partnership:

axial forming and rollforming

Our t form combination machines is the perfect union of axial and rolling tube processing, with up to 6 axial forming steps, two rollforming stations, two powered tool holders for flange orientation and an additional clamping unit.


The horizontal clamping system makes the processing of bent tube geometries possible.

One machine, many benefits

Combination machines combine the processing benefits of axial and rotating forming methods in one clamping process. This combination minimizes set-up intervals and the best possible forming results.

Your benefits at a glance


    With up to 6 forming steps in combination with an additional clamping unit they will satisfy almost all requirements.


    All the drives are servoelectric by design and, if needed, CNC-operated.


    Our axial technology increase the possibilities of forming on tubes with minimal expenditure on tools. 


    In our SRM typeforming machines, all the settings are preloaded, so there is no longer any need for costly adjustments. 


    The possible clamping lengths for machining are extremely short. This gives the user the possibility to always perform the forming after the bending process.


    Different tool variants further expand the processing possibilities for chipless cutting or post-bending cutting. 

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Your advantages at a glance:
The solution for maximum design freedom at the pipe end!


1. Forming & cutting, re-trimming, thread rolling, necking, expanding, reducing, chamfering and deburring possible with one machine


2. Rolling forming possible from inside to outside or from outside to inside depending on the die 


3. Short clamping lengths, horizontal clamping mechanism for processing backward bent tubes, vertical material clamping optional 


4. Automatic tool recognition and workpiece recognition as option (RFID and codes)


Setting of all parameters centrally in the machine control system, controlled positioning of the forming axis and the stop position.

The combination machines are equipped with a completely electronic preselection of the flanging geometry. The stop position and all strokes and machining operations are servo-electrically controlled and can be called up via a touch panel. 

Decisive for the exact machining time is which material is used and which shaping is to be implemented. The machine carries out the processing quasi automatically if it is possible to call up the tube size with the necessary process parameters. In individual cases, the clamping lengths for machining are 1 to 1.5 x the pipe diameter.

The solution for any geometry with outstanding sealing surfaces

Tailored to your individual requirements and needs, we create optimal solutions with our expertise.

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